Saturday, June 14, 2008

Amundsen in steam

For the past 14 hours, Amundsen is in steam. We left Darnley Bay and are moving towards Franklin Bay. The ship moved through opne sea for about 10 hours through the night, and has been cutting through the ice which is attached to the landmass for the past few hours. It has been a great experience to see the icebreaker in real action.The weather is fine as wind speed are low. But on the deck it can get very cold at times. Some time it is foggy, but most of the time it is sunny. The ship will not stay in Franlin Bay. It will be there just for a few hours taking some samples through rosette, Zodiac ( a small boat that is lowered into the ice) andf other instruments mounted on the outer surface of the ship.

More in the evening....


Biman said...

Seeing you in action on arctic ice helping a scientist collect sediments in today's edition of Mail Today was electrifying. It must be a life-time experience for a science journalist.

Dinesh C Sharma said...

It is indeed a unique experience. It is a oity that India has been sending missions to the Antarctica for two decades but nevetr thought of such on outreach programme.

It is not journalists only, they have had schjoold children and local community people also visiting them.