Sunday, June 15, 2008

A long day in Franklin Bay

It has been a very long day on the icebreaker. There is really hectic activity on the ship, despite being a Sunday. Nobody takes an off here on the ship. In fact, they worked more as the ship went back and forth into fast ice and the open ocean where the plume from river Horton meets Franklin Bay. Scientists are really excited about Beluga whales. Today also they sighted a lots of them during the helicopter survey. The divers found a lot of larvae of cod fish. Sediments samples were also taken. Simply there is too much happening on this ship and everyone is excited about what they are doing.
The weather is simply amazing. It is 9 pm and the sun is shining real bright as if it is midday. When I went to the topmost deck in the afternoon, it breeze was too strong and I was shivering even in my parka. Some people on the ship told me why are you saying it is cold on the ship, in your dispatches. I had to explain to them that it is cold if I compared to 40 degrees in Delhi. Yesterday it snowed also for a while, it rained and then it was sunny. Today it was breezy and now it is sunny…. [yesterday it snowed for a while]
The Sunday supper was good, but for the timing. We had to buy wine between 3 and 3e.15 or so, and take it to the supper at 5 pm! By 8 it was all over. The idea is to give the crew sometime free in the evening.
It has been decided to stay in Franklin Bay for one more day. Looking forward to going out in ice or on Zodiac Monday morning….

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Biman said...

With the Sun up almost the whole day, does it really matter if you take your supper at 5.00 p.m. or 9p.m., when the Sun is still bright? Of course, the biological clock is there. But when you are so many time zones away from home your biological clock is already out of synchrony. How does your body react?