Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In the Arctic Circle

It is bright and sunny in Inuvik at noon. And will remain so till midnight and beyond, I am told because this is the land of midnight Sun and the June is the month when there is 24-hour daylight.I am feeling slightly disoriented, jet lagged and fatigued. Staying at the Aurora Research Institute.

Inuvik is located inside the Arctic circle, it is Canada's Northern most town with a population of just about 3000 people. Right now a petroleum industry conference is on the town. you can hardly find any people or cars on the street. It is a quiet place.

Looking forward to fly to the Amundsen icebreaker tomorrow morning on a chartered flight.

Btw, I bought heavy duty boots from a military surplus store in Toronto for 97 canadian dollars and a Parka that the store guy said will keep me warm till minus 25 or so...


Biman said...

Canada's Northwest Territory is one of the most sparsly populated places on Earth. So it must be a really quiet place, as you mention. A visit during mid-winter would have given you the chance to witness brilliant auroras. unlike the mid-day sun now.
Would expect your next post from Amundsen.

maanvi said...

Inuvik seems like a beautiful place. Even edmonton seems great. You must be having a fabulous time! Waiting eagerly to hear more and see more.