Monday, June 9, 2008

Grappling with time zones


nakta said...

Hi DC ji
I am green with envy. All the best for the journey.
Where was the photo taken of the “grappling with the
TIME zones” in a hotel or !?!?!?!?!
Keep posting a lot of pictures ti gives a better idea.
Shoot like using an AK47… trigger happy.
You will not have to write at all
With the digital pix there is no worry of film getting kaput.
Eager to hear from your Journo Journey.
N.Shiva Kumar, NOIDA. India.

Biman said...

Dear Dinesh,
When do you go on board the ice-breaker. That's when the real adventure will begin.
And do let us know how 24-hr daylight feels like.
Biman, New Delhi, India.

Dinesh C Sharma said...

It was taken on top of the CN Tower.

Dinesh C Sharma said...

It is almost 16-17 hours daylight/twilight in Toronoto itslef. Looking foreard to the Land of Midnight sun.

Kanat said...

my dear dinesh: i would be keeping a close watch on your postings. i can boast to my friends that my emails reach even the arctic region. my cyberworld includes coldest zones.
it's amazing you started postings as soon as you landed! were you able to sleep well on the flight with hardly any leg room. will you keep the same pace when your fingers freeze in the arctic? tapping the key board might be difficult? love to read more dispatches. take care. we love you.