Friday, June 6, 2008

Reporting from 40 degrees

The temperature in Delhi today is hovering around 40 degrees or so. This, I suppose, is a couple of degrees lower than what it is in the first week of June. The mercury is gradually rising after the wettest May in Delhi's history. In fact, weather has become a major area of public interest in India in the context of the ongoing climate change debate. The number of extreme weather events is indeed on the rise - be it summer, squalls, strong winds, winter chill, fog, smog or rains. Delhi is a good case in point. The mercury this past winter went below zero degree, for the first time in many years. I will perhaps get another chance to experience sub-zero temperatures right in the midst of this summer. Yes, I am looking forward to my visit to the Arctic Ocean this summer, beginning on Sunday. It is going to be a long journey that will take me through continents and oceans - right to the top of the planet! Hope to keep you posted of this exciting journey through this blog.

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