Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Setting up the met station

It has been a week that I have been on the icebreaker. The ship moved between Darnley Bay and Franklin Bay. In between for a day it had gone to the area where the river Horton joins the Franklin Bay. In both the bays, we had ice camps, as both the bays have fast ice or the shore attached ice. The ice which is in the ocean is called pack ice or mobile ice. The camps are held in fast ice. Different teams of scientists are on the ice collecting a plethora of samples – air, water, ice, sediments, organisms and so on. Today I had gone out in the ice with the team which installed a met station for measuring a number of parameters – not just temperature, wind speed etc but also wave speed in melt ponds, light refraction and so on. It was truly fascinating to be with this team and actually help them out in lugging and fixing up the systems on the ice.
Back in ship, I visited a number of laboratories which are located at different places in the ship – including the deck and the starboard. In the evening we had a science seminar on the ecology of the Arctic cod fish. The day in the Arctic can go on as long as you want to stretch it…….

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