Saturday, June 7, 2008

Leaving Delhi on a cool note

It is 4.45 am at the Delhi IGI Airport on Sunday. It is much cooler than expected. The temperature came down appreiably after the morning showers on Saturday. In fact, Saturday evening temperature of Delhi was 28 degrees. My wife who arrived from Shillong told us that she found Delhi climes simialr to what she experienced in Shillong and Guwahati, though nights were much cooler in Shillong. Spoke to my friend in Toronto. He says Toronto too is warming up. The mercury was hovering around a comvortable 21 degrees. It is also getting warm in Inuvik. He told me to cut down on my warm clothing. I would be saving a few dollars by not carrying heavy warm stuff. Domestic airlines - which will carry me forward from Tornto to further North - are charging 10 to 15 dollar for every piece of baggage. Retail oil prices have gone up in Canada too.

And yes, I did not encounter any chaos at IGI. It was all orderely and took usual time for passing through immigation, security etc. Perhaps it was a wise idea to take an early morning flight than a late one. So, leaving Delhi on a hassle-free note.

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Sharad said...


have a fun trip. Yes, where you are going will be a lot cooler than Delhi in June. On June 5 I was at a United Nations environmental conference at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. A very nice event. One of the speakers shared photographs of her recent visit to near North Pole. Pretty interesting stuff. What an ambassador for environmental awareness as well as for India!

Also at the Chicago meeting Dr. Ashok Khosla, Founder and head of Development Alternatives, a well known NGO from New Delhi gave a presentation on sustainability. Ashok did an outstanding job - everyone loved his presentation.

We are looking forward to reading your upcoming reports.